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Not So Risky Roo: A Home Safety Guide


Risky Roo the Kangaroo is always getting hurt, but a day with his friend Hayden may help turn it all around. Putting on his safety gear and magical badge, Hayden teaches Risky how to avoid some scary situations. Will you take the Safety Pledge with Risky Roo?

Not So Risky Roo is a full color illustrated children’s book written by a safety professional who is also a parent. Using simple terms geared for young readers, this book tackles the top ten hazards around your home that too often lead to emergency room visits. Risky and Hayden’s safety lesson adventure provides a creative, fear-free way to educate through positive interaction between child and parent.

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Safety Certificate!

Time To Celebrate

Come back after you've finished the book and taken the safety pledge to download this wonderful reminder for your children of their accomplishment and pledge. 

Download Certificate Here
3 black and white images from the book, Not So Risky Roo, that children can color on.

Coloring Pages!

Grab your 3 free coloring pages right from the pages of

Not So Risky Roo, A Home Safety Guide

Your children can get to know the characters while having fun too!